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Sokawa chirashi


A tea caddy wrapped with raw, simple chirashi bark from the wild cherry tree

All parts of the interior, exterior, and cover of these tea caddies are wrapped with cherry bark (wild cherry). Raw chirashi (marble patterned) bark is used for a “Shimo-furi finishing”, which has the appeal of the natural touch of the cherry tree, so that each item shows different features. Cherry bark naturally has good ventilation, moisture-keeping, and antibacterial capabilities. The caddies seal tightly as a result of our Meister’s careful, experienced, and skilled craftsmanship, making them ideal for keeping delicate tea leaves.

【Traditional craft】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.)

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S/ 002004  M/ 002110  L/ 002003


Tea caddy


Tea caddy


Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Plywood


S/ø80×H90mm, M/ø70×H110mm, L/ø80×H120mm


S/110g, M/95g, L/120g