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A set containing a tea caddy and tea scoop, completely finished with cherry bark 

This tea caddy and scoop set is completely wrapped with wild cherry tree bark, kaba, both on the inside and outside of the container. The cherry bark has been dried for a long time, whittled very thin, and then polished in order to give a beautiful glossiness to the surface that provides a different feature to each item. Cherry bark also naturally has good ventilation, moisture-keeping, and antibacterial capabilities. In addition, these caddies are sealed tightly, and are suitable for keeping delicate tea leaves preserved, showing our Meisters’ careful, experienced, and skilled craftsmanship. The cherry bark gains a deep and eloquent amber glossiness over years of use.

【Traditional craft】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.)

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S/ 343038   L/ 343004


Tea caddy


Tea caddy


Tea Caddy/Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Plywood Tea scoop/Wild cherry bark, Natural wood


S/ø80×H90mm, L/ø80×H120mm Tea scoop/W74×D30×H7mm


S/110g  L/120g Tea scoop/3g