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A tea caddy with cherry bark applied to a flat tin can

A reasonable, flat tea caddy made with cherry bark (wild cherry tree) applied to a tin can interior. As the cherry bark has an unique, antibacterial quality, in addition to its ability to soften the heat conduction of metal, the tin also has a distinct sealing capability. These containers provide a distinguished combination of the good features of both cherry bark and tin, and also appeals with a deep and eloquent amber glossiness that comes out after years of use.

【Traditional craft】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.) 

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100g/ 001001    150g/ 001006    200g/ 001011


Tea caddy


Tea caddy


Wild cherry bark, Steel


100g case/ø73×H80mm, 150g case/ø83×H95mm, 200g case/ø89×H110mm


100g case/85g, 150g case/115g, 200g case/140g