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A reasonably-priced set of flat style tea caddy and tea scoop

This reasonably priced set, containing a flat style tea caddy and tea scoop, is made with cherry bark applied to a tin can interior. Cherry bark naturally has an unique antibacterial quality, on top of the ability to soften the heat conduction of metal. Additionally, the sealing capability of the tin can interior is outstanding. The combination of cherry tree bark and tin can complements the superb qualities of each material. The cherry bark gains a deep and eloquent amber glossiness that is rich in nuance over years of use.

【Traditional craft】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.) 

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100g/ 332051   150g/ 332055    200g/332059


Tea caddy


Tea caddy


Tea Caddy/Wild cherry bark, Steel Tea scoop/Wild cherry bark, Natural wood


100g case / ø73×H80mm、150g case / ø83×H95mm、200g case / ø89×H110mm Tea scoop/ W74×D30×H7mm


100g case/85g, 150g case/115g, 200g case/140g Tea scoop/3g