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A tea caddy designed with playful sense of humor by adding a leaf-shaped tea scoop, which makes it look like a cherry tree with a growing leaf

This Kaba-zaiku tea caddy adds a twist to the conventional form. The leaf-shaped tea scoop fits into a slot on the top on the tea caddy. It reflects the playful mind of the craft artist, who envisioned this tea-caddy as a cherry tree with a single leaf. In addition, the tea scoop, which is made of tin, has a delicate design of leaf veins on both sides. By setting the tea caddy and the tea scoop together, this product is practical while having an elegant appearace. 

【Design】Yukio Hashimoto
【Traditional crafts】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.), Takaoaka casting(Toyama pref.)

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Tea caddy


Tea caddy


Tea caddy/Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Plywood Tea scoop/Tin


Tea caddy/ø72×H105mm Tea scoop/W30×D70×H10mm


Tea caddy/85g Tea scoop/10g