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A pen case that gradually gains an elegant expression after years of use

Throughout history, brushes, bows, katana sheaths, even offerings to Shosoin have been crafted out of cherry bark. This pen case was created with such traditional technique. The cherry bark surface gains a deep and nuanced expression with the warmth of your hand over years of use. The inside is lined with felt to prevent scratches. The models that hold two or three pens include an attachable felt sheet that divides the space inside.
* This pen case can hold the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 fountain pen. 

【Design】Morio Ozawa
【Traditional craft】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.)

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One/041025 Two/041026 Three/041027


Pen case


Pen case


Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Felt


One/W32×D30×H155mm, Two/W53×D29×H155mm, Three/W73×D29×H155mm


One/25g, Two/55g, Three/75g