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Doumori chirashi


Tea caddies wrapped with chirashi bark and a distinguished, beautiful hourglass figure that comfortably fits in your hand

Cherry bark is applied to all parts of the interior, exterior, and cover of this product. Its name, Doumori, meaning hourglass-shaped, comes from the distinguished smooth touch and soft curve of the caddy. It is also covered with chirashi (Shimo-furi) bark, which provides a unique touch of the cherry tree bark to each item. Cherry bark naturally has good ventilation, moisture-keeping, and antibacterial capabilities. In addition, these canisters seal tightly, and are suitable for keeping delicate tea leaves preserved, showing our Meister’s careful, experienced, and skilled craftsmanship.

【Traditional craft】Kaba-zaiku(Akita pref.)

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Tea caddy


Tea caddy


Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Plywood