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How to take care of
your Kaba-zaiku product
Please follow the instructions below when you take care of Kaba-zaiku products. Keeping these instructions helps extend the life of your Kaba-zaiku.

Guidelines for all products
Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the Kaba-zaiku's bark to peel off, damaging the products.
Do not leave exposed to sunlight for long period of time.
Do not store in humid places. Do not leave near heat sources such as heaters.

Guidelines for things such as tea caddies and stationery related items
1) Because these products have no form of waterproofing (lacquer, resin, etc.), avoid exposing them to moisture. In the case that they are exposed, immediately wipe the moisture off with a dry cloth. (For: Bird' Eye, Join, makimaki, happa, BAND, kapa, kaba no shato, kabaju, stick, card case, pen case, cherry pieces, KISS of kaba, Wooden Tea Caddy, Tea Caddy, Tea scoop, Waraku, Box "Sakurakiri", Remote Controller & Postcard Stand, Pen Stand "Shunjyu", Glasses and Watch Box "Shunjyu", Pen Stand U, Document Box, Pen Stand "Sakurakiri", Pen Case "Sakurakiri", Photo frame)
2) Polished products may lose their glossy finish over time due to bodily oils left from touching and exposure to light. To maintain the finish, firmly scrub the product with a soft, dry cloth or lightly scrub with a dry, rough one. If the finish still not returning to its original state, apply a light amount of wax (used for plain wood furniture), let dry and settle, then wipe clean with a dry cloth. This should be done about once a year. (For: Join, makimaki, happa, BAND, card case Brown, pen case, Wooden Tea Caddy, Tea Caddy, Tea scoop)
3) Products that have a rough surface should be taken care of like in the steps above, but if treated roughly, they may crack and split finely. Always be sure to clean and use them gently. (For: card case Gray, Wooden Tea Caddy "Gradation", Narrow Wooden Tea Caddy "Chirashi", Wooden Tea Caddy "Doumori Chirashi")

Guidelines for things such as trays and plates
Because these products are coated in a lacquer finish to protect the bark, it is OK to wash them, but do not use when washing. If the product is so dirty that water alone cannot remove it, use a neutral pH detergent to remove the stains, but rinse with plenty of water. In either circumstance, be sure to dry the product immediately after washing. Also, do not immerse the Kaba-zaiku in water. The bark is only glued onto the product, so it will peel off if soaked. (For: KAIKA, kasanegasane, SLIDER, Teapot Plate, Dish, Tray, Trick, Brilliant, Shoehorn with A Stand)