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KISS of kaba
item no.
032014 Medium (no bottom) Brown
032016 Medium (no bottom) White
032015 Medium Brown
032017 Medium White
032018 Small (no bottom) Brown
032019 Small Brown
032020 Small (no bottom) White
032021 Small White
¢£Material¡§Wild cherry¡¡bark, Magnet, PVC, Natural wood, MDF, Urethane lacquer
¢£Size¡§M/ ø90¡ßH20mm¡¡ S/ ø50¡ßH20mm
¢£Weight¡§M/ 40g(w/ bottom)¡¡30g(w/o bottom)¡¡S/ 15g(w/ bottom)¡¡10g(w/o bottom)
These containers stick on anything made of steel, such as fridge and metal shelf. Some have bottoms and others don¡Çt. The ones with bottoms are for keys and accessories. The ones without are to make deeper containers for glasses and pens. They bring a little piece of nature to inorganic surfaces. We made use of the straightforward nature of magnet and designed them as traditional crafts for everyday use.