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item no.
032025 L
032026 S
˘£MaterialĦ§Wild cherry bark, Akita wild cedar, Plywood, Urethane lacquer
˘£SizeĦ§L/ W435ĦßD310ĦßH45mmĦĦS/ W335ĦßD235ĦßH35mm
˘£WeightĦ§L/ 395£ç S/ 225£ç
The collaboration of Kaba-zaiku and Magewappa, which are two of the crafting traditions in Akita, also gives a new form to this traditional piece. The two colors come from cherry bark and Akita cedar. Their contrast highlights the Kaba-zaikuĦÇs special appeal. A base of the tray is made of Magewappa and wrapped with cherry bark. Furthermore, itĦÇs cherry bark highlights serve a practical purpose as handles. It has a soft impression.