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item no.
032003 Long purple
032004 Long red
032005 Long yellow
032006 Wide purple
032007 Wide red
032008 Wide yellow
032009 Small purple
032010 Small red
032011 Small yellow
¢£Material¡§Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Acrylic resin, Silicon rubber, Urethane lacquer
¢£Size¡§Long/ ø80¡ßH304mm¡¡Wide/ ø145¡ßH127mm¡¡Small/ ø80¡ßH124mm
¢£Weight¡§Long/ 330£ç¡¡Wide/ 545£ç¡¡Small/ 175£ç
This is a pasta case made via the Kaba-zaiku technique with high sealing performance. There are three sizes in order to contain either long or short pasta. Each case has round windows so you can see inside. In the inside, you can customize your case with three-color choices: purple, red, and yellow. On the outside, you can see the Kaba-zaiku¡Çs design. You will surely enjoy the contrast of the colorfulness and the tradition. It is also able to contain other foods or accessories. Because it has the high sealing performance, you can also contain coffee beans, tea, or seaweed as well.