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item no. 032012
¢£Material¡§Tea caddy/Wild cherry bark, Natural wood, Plywood¡¡Tea scoop/Tin
¢£Size¡§Tea caddy/ ø72¡ßH105mm¡¡Teaspoon/ W30¡ßD70¡ßH10mm
¢£Weight¡§Tea caddy/ 85£ç¡¡Teaspoon/ 10£ç
This Kaba-zaiku tea caddy approaches the conventional form of the tea caddy from a different way. The leaf-shaped teaspoon fits into a slot on the top on the tea caddy. It reflects the playful mind of a craft maker. He imagined this tea-caddy as a cherry tree with a single leaf. In addition, the teaspoon, which is made of tin, has a delicate design of leaf veins on both sides. By setting the tea caddy and the teaspoon together, this product surely satisfies its practicality and your joyful mind.