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032036 L
032037 M
032038 S
˘£MaterialĦ§Wild cherry bark, Akita wild cedar, Plywood,Urethane lacquer
˘£SizeĦ§L/ W450ĦßD350ĦßH20mmĦĦM/ W370ĦßD265ĦßH20mmĦĦS/ W280ĦßD225ĦßH20mm
˘£WeightĦ§L/ 460gĦĦM/ 300gĦĦS/ 190g
These trays are made of cherry bark and Akita cedar, which are representative materials for traditional handicrafts in Akita. This tray frame is designed to have a curved surface looking open towards the outside. The design expresses the strength and beauty of the moment of blooming cherry blossom trees. The trays are available in three sizes.